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solar antigo coimbra street

Diffuse Concept


This is a type of accommodation called diffuse and an innovative concept of hospitality. It was launched in Italy in the early 1980s as a means of revitalizing small villages and historic centers off the usual tourist path. This type of accommodation is converted into several historic buildings in a small community. The rooms and other facilities are distributed in existing buildings.

Solar Antigo Coimbra was born from the determination of a bold and innovative group, with the purpose of creating a distinct type of accommodation, in which it can offer tourists an authentic life experience with the residents. Tourists will be able to experience the beauty of Coimbra's historic center as a resident rather than as a tourist. Our accommodation maintains the architectural charm and spirituality of a Coimbra in its pure essence.

For the birth of this innovative and unique concept in Portugal, nothing new was created, but rather beautifully renovated historical buildings were recovered, with a great attention to the preservation of their architectural characteristics. From the simplest house to the noblest building, we have tried to preserve the atmosphere of an era, combining it with today's amenities.

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